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Bio-Energetic Bodywork is a contemporary name for a particular doctrine embraced by shamans for centuries.  From a shamanic perspective all of creation has spirit, intelligence, and voice.  In order to promote healing for their client, the shaman’s intention is to dialogue and work with the spiritual identity – the body intelligence – of the aspect within the client that is in need of healing or reconnection.
Shamanism, the oldest living path of spirituality and healing, is practiced world-wide and dates back 50,000 years.   It is not a religion with a doctrine, dogma, or holy book. Rather, it is a spirituality rooted in the idea that all matter has consciousness and that accessing the spirit in all things is part of what keeps the world in balance and individuals healed and whole.  In tribal societies that still exist in remote areas today, shaman continue their community function of healer, spiritual teacher.
Similar to the potential of creating a complete living organism from a single cell of that organism, the shamanic practitioner moves within the body to communicate and work with the intelligence within the cells to affect a desired transformation within the structure of the body.
For an example, perhaps the shamanic practitioner has discovered an intrusion (in this example, a growth) within their client’s body while completing their diagnostic study to investigate what ails the client.  In order to dialogue and work with the intrusion, the shaman must first transduce to a level consistent with that of the intrusion.
Shamanic practitioners through the ages have facilitated transformative healing work alongside the body intelligence of their client to achieve the following:
     * Repairing, retraining; rebuilding, reshaping the physical body in real time;
     * Removing blocks due to accident or surgical shock, restoring vitality and promoting healing;
    *  Building up and opening channels which have been blocked since early childhood so that these channels can contain
              a full charge of  energy;
     * Cleansing and balancing the bio-energy of the client to stimulate maximum well-being;
     * Reducing and/or eliminating pain; 
     * Releasing the energetic blocks that are stored in the body's energy field to resolve chronic issues that have manifested
             in the physical body. Without proper resolution on the spiritual and emotional levels, conditions can re-manifest even 
             though they may appear to have been physically healed;
    *  Release of emotional blockages caused by past traumatic events.
It has been my experience that should an individual receiving Bio-Energetic Bodywork, but not want to heal for some reason, the human intention will prevail and the physical results will not be sustained by the body.
It is also my experience that one’s Body intelligence will continually migrate towards optimal health and function.I have found Bio-Energetic Bodywork to provide lasting transformative results for many types of chronic pain, and physical growths.

"Before our session I was told my severe abdominal pain was undiagnosable and untreatable.  Since our session the pain has vanished and has not returned.  The work we did together was fantastic, best results I have ever had."  

SG   Kelowna BC


"After your session work,  my prostate infection has disappeared and has not been a problem since."

TG   Kelowna BC



“My feet were so deformed and swollen from bunions that I had difficulty walking or wearing shoes, and could not demonstrate exercises for my fitness clients.Following several sessions of BIO Healing, the bunions have totally disappeared, the swelling is gone and I am pain-free.It’s as if they were never there!”

Geoff Lawrence.

Owner-operator of Madkatz Boxing Club.


Bellamy  Healing-Arts

Pat Bellamy

 Shamanic Healer


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