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Matrix Energetics (ME) is a powerful consciousness technique that provides for instantaneous and life-long transformation at the physical, mental, emotional & spiritual levels.  Based on principles of quantum physics, Matrix Energetics creates and sustains a field of infinite possibility that is easily accessible to those who choose to play in it.
MEs' transformative healing process instantly  modifies a person's "reality" at the quantum level of their existence; the place where we all exist as light and consciousness vibrating at varying frequencies.  These frequencies create what we perceive as "real".
ME sometimes appears magical in its expression, but it is based on the laws and concepts of subtle energy physics, quantum physics, superstring theory and Sheldrake's Morphic Resonance. These quantum principles combined with conscious intent create the "magical" transformation that is Matrix Energetics. Often you will feel a wave like motion when Matrix Energetics is applied, as you experience your body dropping into a completely relaxed "wave" of transformation.



Excerpts from interview with Mellissa Joy Johnson and Co-Creator Network:


“Matrix E. is a turning point for the many people who have experienced it.It is not a technique per se. Most techniques have very rigid constructs or steps that you follow in order to generate or elicit very specific forms of results of outcome. ME however, is more or less a consciousness technology. It is a flexibility of consciousness; not so much something that you do, but something that you embody. It is what we refer to as a morphic field. It is a very large container of non-local information that when individuals connect to, they tap into various possibility states. Everything in ME is based on what is possible, not, what is not possible.


So it is an expansive morphic field that enables everyone who comes into contact with it in a state of play, to access their own inherent potential. The reason we say it is not a technique is that it invites the student to go deeper and deeper into a greater recognition of unlimited potential, and then allowing for that potential to express through form and experience.


What this looks like for everyone that meets the field is almost instantaneous transformation, miracles, access to really embodying a state of joy, and then being able to live out the life of our dreams in three dimensional reality. We learn to get out of our own way and into heart-centred awareness to harness the true nature of change and our own limitless essence, which is infinite potential. We learn how to drop into the field of the heart which has access to all this limitless potential before it is expressed as experience. We learn how to navigate through the various terrains of consciousness by using techniques such as:


  • the two-point: a conversation with Universal Consciousness, and the field of the heart and our intellect, to establish a connection and resonance with what is possible to change in our experience;


  • time-travel: the navigation backwards and forwards in time to change resonance with experiences there, and to leverage or expedite the manifestation process;parallel universes (to expand resonance with the full aspect of our limitless being;


  • archetypes;


  • the ME 21 frequencies;


  • modules and templates.


With the use of these techniques we get into a conversation with universal consciousness. We step into a state of Grace, the morphic field of ME, where it doesn’t matter what you know, what you’ve done, or where you’re resonating – anything is possible and available in the very next moment. It’s just a matter of learning how to notice.


The transformation for an individual has a ripple affect so that it emanates throughout family, through social relationships, through work dynamics, and even out into the environment. There’s no limitation to the morphic field of ME therefore there’s no limitation in the change in the experience of your personal reality.”


Bellamy  Healing-Arts

Pat Bellamy

 Shamanic Healer


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